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Moorings owners sailing the BVI

Earlier this year, Moorings owners Paul and Debbie Harris notched their 52nd week on charter. The couple has been in our ownership programs (Sunsail then Moorings) since 2010. A little bit of quick math shows that they've spent about one out of every seven weeks on the water since they became charter yacht owners. If that isn't inspiration enough, check out Paul and Debbie's log. They've sailed about 4,500 nautical miles in 7 countries.

Many sailors dream of moving aboard, casting off and sailing the world's oceans. Not as many non-sailors do, making those who learn to sail in order to quickly become full-time, ocean-crossing liveaboard cruisers even more impressive. One such group is the Burnett family from Minnesota.

Moorings Owner Flotilla

A significant, but sometimes overlooked, advantage of owning a yacht through a Charter Yacht Ownership Program is the camaraderie and friendship that comes along with it. It affords you the opportunity to meet a whole community of boaters and sailors who have many of the same interests as you. The 2016 Moorings Owner's Flotilla is a perfect example of people coming together to spend a week sailing in paradise, all while catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones.

If you have ever wondered what the social aspect of being in a Yacht Ownership Program would be like, look no further than this full report from the 2016 Moorings Owner's Flotilla.

After being a loyal charter guest for over a decade, David Burgess finally made the decision to purchase his first Moorings Powercat. His model of choice was the Moorings 433 PC, and he feels that she was well worth the wait.

In this article you will learn about some of the most appealing elements of Charter Yacht Ownership, and why this was the best choice for the Burgess family. Additionally, you will receive great advice on cruising the BVI in a Moorings Powercat.

Leopard 51 Powercat

The reviewer from Hong Kong's YachtStyle Magazine didn't actually "pop down to Florida from New York without stopping" for his sea trial, but by just suggesting the trip he puts the Leopard 51 PC's phenomenal cruising range into context. "Take enough food," he jokes in this uncommonly pithy article for a boat review, which first appeared in YachtStyle and then also on Luxuo's website. As a more local reference, he adds that the power cat can also cover Hong Kong to Manila and back without refueling.

Moorings Owners

An exceptionally high percentage of Sunsail and Moorings yacht owners are repeat owners. We're proud of this fact, as it's a testament to the success of the program from a buyer's perspective. It also demonstrates that the option to trade-in at the end of the program is viable.

Moorings Owners Rob and Sue Engelke, for example, first bought a Moorings catamaran, a 4500, in 1999 in the Bahamas. Throughout the years, Rob and Sue traded their Moorings 4500 in for a Moorings 4700, then a Moorings 4600, and finally, the Moorings 4800 that they own today.


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